Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry Services


Gaertner Psychiatric PC is a full service inpatient and outpatient psychiatric medical practice serving Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA. Gaertner Psychiatric provides psychiatric treatment,  inpatient and outpatient care and medication management.

Gaertner Psychiatric providers practice a “continuity of care” treatment approach that emphasizes collaboration between you, your psychiatrist or psychiatric provider, your therapist, and anyone you choose among your family members and significant loved ones. Our aim is to help you stabilize your life and to get you from crisis-living to healthy living!


Notification to Patients of Chris Wheatley, NP

Chris Wheatley will no longer be servicing patients of Gaertner Psychiatric after February 15, 2019.

We have assigned another provider in the practice, Victoria McKay, NP to help with medication management and one-time appointments for current patients of Mr. Wheatley.

Patients of Mr. Wheatley will receive a letter of notification by mail.

You are encouraged to identify a provider outside of Gaertner Psychiatric to maintain continuity of care.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Feel free to call the office with any questions you may have and to provide you with any assistance in this matter.



  • To treat you as a “whole person” and not just a diagnosis.
  • To assist you in your overall mental health.
  • To provide you with psychiatric care and medication management.
  • To provide you psychiatric medical care that you can trust.
  • To provide you with inpatient and outpatient care and support.


540-372-2028 (Fredericksburg)

804-269-4916 (Richmond)