Integrative Services


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My approach to your wellness  is holistic, with the intention of supporting your mental, emotional, physical , and spiritual balance by focusing on the root of the issue, not simply the symptoms. Frequently this involves a review of your diet, exercise patterns, spiritual practices, and lab work. Common recommendations consist of nutritional guidance, suggestions for vitamin and dietary supplement support, prescription medications and medical grade nutrients,  hormone balancing, and spiritual exercises like meditation, therapeutic breath work and yoga. 

My philosophy of healing is firmly rooted in the premise that the body, mind and spirit are inseparable; that the body does the healing, and the Practitioner can take credit only for helping that process along.  I work in collaboration with each patient to offer tailored holistic care with a focus on integrative approaches to brain health. I accept new patients between the ages of 21 and 65 years old.

Please complete the Integrative Services Intake Form.   In addition please review and sign the Integrative Services Disclaimer before your first visit.